St. Joseph's Installs Digital Memorial Recognition System

St. Joseph's Installs Digital Memorial Recognition System

Using modern technology, enhanced by beautiful art, St. Joseph’s Foundation (SJF) has installed a donor recognition system that will not only pay tribute to passed loved ones, but will do so in a way that provides deeper connection for those who take the time to view it. The technology is a means to tell a human story, the art is a means to reflect the human connection.

Over the 30 plus years of history of SJF, many families have taken the step to pay tribute to their loved ones by making memorial donations. In turn, SJF recognized these individuals through the installment of plaques on a memorial wall. With advancements in technology, SJF is able to do more than just recognize the names of the loved ones; the digital memorial wall allows the use of photos and their story to be included, sharing the essence of who these people were to this community.

At the time of the unveiling, almost 2,000 names were included in the system, with more to be added. “This has been a project 3 years in the making,” says Katrina O’Neill, Executive Director, St. Joseph’s Foundation. “I am so pleased with this new system that will allow St. Joseph’s Foundation to pay meaningful tribute to the people that have thought so highly of St. Joseph’s Care Group to have these donations made in their name,” she adds.

This project was funded, in part, by the generous support of Tbaytel. The contribution by Tbaytel funded the equipment purchase and art installation. "Tbaytel is a company that is very much committed to supporting innovation and healthy communities, so I can think of no better initiative where those two things interconnect than the Human Connection project. The project will showcase exactly how many people are impacted by the meaningful work done by the St. Joseph's Care Group each and every day. Tbaytel is very proud to be able to support this project."says Dan Topatigh, president and CEO of Tbaytel.

This new digital memorial wall, unveiled at Hogarth Riverview Manor, works in tandem with others located at St. Joseph’s Hospital and St. Joseph’s Heritage. Tracy Buckler, President and CEO of St. Joseph’s Care Group, reflects on the generous spirit that made the digital walls possible. “We are grateful when our clients and their loved ones choose to pay tribute through donations, and I am so pleased we can now share their stories,” said Buckler. “This use of technology is a wonderful way to help remind people of those who are no longer with us. Our sincere thank you to Tbaytel for their partnership and support, and to Biljana Baker for the beautiful artwork.”

The system is also accessible through the Internet, and a link is available on the St. Joseph’s Foundation website ( ). This added feature allows the records to be shared around the world. “No longer does someone have to be at one of our sites to see the recognition system; family, friends and loved ones can connect any time from any location to view the tribute record of their loved one,” O’Neill adds.This project is truly about using technology to create a deeper human connection for all.


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donor wall unveiling Artwork by Bilijana Baker


donor wall unveiling group photo

From Left to Right: 
Tracy Buckler, President & CEO, St. Joseph's Care Group
Dan Topatigh, President & CEO, Tbaytel
Bilijana Baker, Artist
Katrina O'Neill, Executive Director, St. Joseph's Foundation of Thunder Bay
Katie Crowe, Manager, Corporate Brand Communication, Tbaytel
Amy Meunier, Representative, Tbaytel
Kathleen Jones, Representative, Tbaytel