Capital Equipment

Each year there are new requests for the replacement of equipment used in caring for our clients. We want our staff to have access to the best possible equipment to do that. Capital equipment needs are not funded by the provincial government so we rely on the support of donors to be able to buy those critical pieces of medical equipment for use throughout the SJCG sites.  Please contact us at the Foundation office if you have an area of St. Joseph's Care Group you would like to support.

Our 2024/25 capital equipment list includes:

Arjo Tu and Chair Replacement $40,000
Bariatric Chiropody Chair $8,095
Bladder Scanner $15,995
Bariatric Stretchers (2) $16,747
Vital Sign Machine (10) $6,363
Bolero Bath Lift $11,976
Portable Floor Lift (2) $13,000
Bariatric Bed $35,248
Carmina Bath Chair $5,698
Blanket Warmer (5) $5,182
Hoyer Lift (2) $8,681
Nordic Wellness Chair $14,217


St. Joseph's Care Group service area encompasses 47% of the province of Ontario. We serve many remote and isolated communities as well as the larger urban cities in our region.

The current needs in our region, and the growing demand for services, St. Joseph's Foundation and St. Joseph's Care Group are focused on quality care today and for the future.

More than Just Equipment

While the dollars raised by St. Joseph's Foundation are designated to purchase capital equipment, there is a far reaching benefit to the people that receive services from St. Joseph's Care Group than just the items themselves.

Your donations help to:

  • Ease the pain of spending the last few days with a loved one;
  • Bring joy to someone who is regaining their muscle strength and mobility;
  • Improve the well-being of someone overcoming addiction and problem behaviours;
  • Ensure the dignity of a person by allowing them to live with independence;
  • Provide security to know that loved ones are safe and secure in their homes.

With your generous and continued support St. Joseph's Foundation can assist the people of Northwestern Ontario. The money raised can be of benefit to individuals requiring care, and their loved ones, now and for the future.


Addictions & Mental Health

  • Community Mental Health
  • Concurrent Rehabilitation
  • Mental Health Rehabilitation
  • Withdrawal Management
  • Employer Support and Assessment Services
  • Outpatient Mental Health and Addictions
  • Problem Gambling Programs
  • The Lodge on Dawson


Seniors' Health

  • Long-Term Care Homes including Hogarth Riverview Manor and Bethammi
  • Long Term Care Housing & Supportive Services including PR Cook Apartments and Sister Leila Greco Apartments


Rehabilitative Care and Chronic Disease Management

  • Impatient Complex Care and Rehabilitative Care
  • Outpatient Rehabilitative Care and Chronic Disease Management
  • Diabetes Health Thunder Bay

Our Endowment Fund

St. Joseph's Foundation Endowment Fund is a powerful tool providing financial stability and a source of income for St. Joseph's Care Group. The interest investment is used to meet the on-going needs for programs and services provided by the St. Joseph's Care Group making long term planning possible.

Gifts to the Fund are invested, and will remain in the Fund in perpetuity. Each year the earned income from the investments is used to support the capital equipment needs and programming of St. Joseph's Care Group.

Below are some of the ways donors support the endowment fund:

  • Estates Gifts
  • Stock or Share Transfers
  • Life Insurance Policy
  • Bequests
  • Monetary Donations

Gifts to St. Joseph's Foundation Endowment Fund are tax deductible.