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April 6, 2023

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Big Split 26 is a 50/50 draw which we have been running since 2015. Big Split 26 is 26 weekly draws with tickets priced at $52.00. Each week for 26 weeks a winner is announced, all tickets purchased are valid for every draw and you can win again and again. Since 2016, Big Split 26 has raised over $250,000 to support capital equipment at St. Joseph’s Care Group. Tickets for our 2023 draw are on sale now. Weekly cash draws start April 6, 2023 for 26 weeks.   


Rules & Regulations

Want to sign up? 

  1. Please call by telephone (768-4440) to order a ticket or visit St. Joseph's Foundation office, 63 Carrie Street.  Tickets also available in person at the Gift Box at Hogarth Riverview Manor, and St. Joseph's Hospital. 
  2. Tickets can be purchased by cash, cheque, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and debit card.
  3. Tickets also available online here.

Draws will be conducted at 11:00 a.m. according to the Draw Date & Ticket Price document at St. Joseph's Foundation.

How Does This Raffle Work?

  • The new raffle gives you better odds and bigger winnings
  • You pay once and have the chance to win for every valid draw remaining
  • You can buy yourself a ticket or go in on one with a few coworkers or friends and split the cash when you win! 
  • You can increase your chances of winning by purchasing additional entries
  • Your ticket is in the drum for EVERY draw!
  • Cash prizes are determined by the number of entries. The more players, the bigger the pot! 

Funds raised will be designated for the purchase of equipment and furnishings for the comfort and safety of clients of St. Joseph's Care Group


  • St. Joseph's Foundation is regulated by Ontario's Lottery and Gaming Corporation polices and guidelines.
  • Big Split 26 Raffle tickets will expire after the final draw
  • All current ticket holders will be contacted to renew their ticket purchase(s) for the next year to ensure their continued participation in the Raffle.

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"Know your limit, play within it!" 
Ontario Problem Gambling Helpline: 1-888-230-3505


Lottery Licence #M835740


2023 Winners


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Past Winners:


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