St. Joseph's Care Group Unveils Unique Donor Recognition Wall

The Campaign for Hospice Palliative Care, which raised over $800,000 in 8 months, was spearheaded by Karin Sitko.  After her personal experience with Hospice services, she felt that although the care received at St. Joseph’s Hospice Unit was excellent, the environment wasn’t.  What started as a hope to redo one room, took on new life as others joined her cause.  Together, with Clint Harris, they were able to form a committee and in a short period of time enough money was raised to renovate 10 client rooms as well as the family lounge in the Hospice Unit. 

Never before has so much been accomplished in such a short time.  The community support was overwhelming.  This Campaign touched people deeply and they couldn’t wait to support the cause.

As the Campaign was a unique one, it was decided that the way to recognize the donors who gave so much and so willingly should be unique as well.   “We felt that a typical donor wall with plaques wouldn’t work with the renovations at the Hospice Unit, so we decided an art piece would be a better way to recognize our donors and add something meaningful to the environment. “  says, Katrina O’Neill, Executive Director of St. Joseph’s Foundation. 

St. Joseph’s Foundation sent out a request to artists to submit their concepts for an art piece to recognize this special Campaign.  After careful consideration, the concept submitted by local artist Biljana Baker was selected.

For Biljana the design came from the heart.  “I have had a long history of working with St. Joseph’s Care Group and St. Joseph’s Foundation and I know what valuable work they do in our community.  It was very important to me to design something that was as powerful and inspiring as the accomplishment these donors helped to achieve.”

The donor wall is a series of paintings reflecting local scenery.  The names of donors are etched on the glass of individual paintings. The pieces, when together, form a beautiful art wall. 

Tracy Buckler, President & CEO of St. Joseph’s Care Group adds “We are grateful to Biljana for creating such a beautiful concept.  As a local artist, she was able to capture the needs of the project in a way that is very moving and meaningful.  We are also very pleased that we could recognize those individuals and organizations that gave so much to this Campaign in such a special way.”  

The donor wall is located on the 4th Floor of St. Joseph’s Hospital as you enter the Hospice Unit.