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Empowering our donors…that’s what the Power of One is all about.

Through this new online giving platform (, St. Joseph’s Foundation donors are able to identify a piece of equipment, or an area of need, that they want their donation to be directed to.  This gives them the opportunity to see the impact their donations have directly.

In addition, donors are able to empower their own giving by holding a fundraiser and inviting their family, friends, co-workers and neighbours to support their cause.  They can encourage others to make a lasting impact on the quality of care for clients of St. Joseph’s Care Group.

The majority of the items selected for this fundraiser are non-capital items (less than $3,000 each). These items are essential to the work staff do every day. 

Some items, such as portable lifts, are required daily by staff.  Having an adequate number available is essential, especially with an aging population with limited mobility.  Other items, such as iPads and computers for clients haven’t been available, but would provide new opportunities for the clients to connect with family and loved ones and thus make a lasting impact on the well-being of clients .