A unique way to show your support of the work of the Foundation and SJCG is to host an event and donate the proceeds.

Your event can raise money to make a general donation, or be directed to one of our wish list items.

Download our Tool Kit to HELP plan your event

What is a Third Party Fundraising Activity or Event?

Third party activities and events are fundraisers that in whole or in part benefit St. Joseph's Foundation / St. Joseph's Care Group, and which are organized and executed by an individual or organization external to the charity.

St. Joseph's Foundation can:

  • Provide event planning advice
  • Provide a liaison representative from the Foundation
  • Provide Foundation informational material for the event
  • Post an event listing on Foundation website and SJCG’s iNsider News
  • Allow use of Foundation name and logo
  • Provide a letter of support that validates the authenticity of the event

St. Joseph's Foundation cannot:    

  • Provide funding or reimbursement for event expenses
  • Obtain liquor licenses on behalf of the organizing group
  • Provide access to Foundation donors list
  • Guarantee promotion or advertising of your event.
  • Provide access to celebrities or VIPs
  • Supply prizes, auction items, awards, etc.

Approval Process:

  • Organizers must complete and submit the Third Party Fundraising Application to St. Joseph's Foundation no less than 6 weeks prior to the date of the proposed fundraising activity. Approval must be received before advertising is permitted.
  • Applications are valid for one event only. Annual event and activity organizers will need to discuss details with St. Joseph's Foundation.
  • St. Joseph's Foundation must be notified of other activity/event beneficiaries as well as activity/event sponsors
  • St. Joseph's Foundaiton reserves the right to deny any application for a fundraising activity that is not in line with St. Joseph's Foundation and St. Josephs Care Group's mission and/or goals, or which does not project a positive image of either organization.
All event hosts will receive a tool kit with guidelines and conditions for hosting. To learn more about hosting an event, please contact Rachel Kehoe at (807) 768-4404 or kehoer(at)tbh(dot)net.